Artist Statement

River/Sea Installation View

River/Sea Installation View


Viewers have often told me that my work is very peaceful, quiet, and serene. I think this comes from my love of being alone in the woods or at the shore and trying to bring that feeling to my art making. My ongoing practices of Tai Chi/meditation and study of East Asian metaphysics and aesthetics also inform my art practice. Yin and yang, being and nonbeing, stillness and movement, light and dark, sea and sky, surface and depth, artist and viewer, self and nature - I am interested in exploring how one can see beyond polarities to sense the invisible and mysterious unity underlying them.

My current art practice has three tributaries:

Water: Using digital photographs of water (streams, rivers, lakes, and sea) and abstract hand painted evocations of the phenomenology of water, I create mixed media woven paper wall pieces, handmade artist books, and paper installations exploring layering, translucency, and reflection. 

Trees: I have been working with digital images of trees for many years. In fact, trees were the very first subject I was drawn to as a child! My more recent pieces use encaustic medium and layering with digital photographs.

Travelogue: This project began as a practice of shooting from a moving car without looking through the viewfinder. When driving the car the practice of not choosing anything other than where to point the camera is enforced necessarily by concerns for safety. Of course, most of the images captured this way are at the margin areas of visibility or legibility. I also choose to enhance the abstraction of the images by using single glass or plastic lens optics in the camera, as well as an altered infrared camera. Serendipity provides some images that resonate for me, and these are the images I choose to print and work with. I created a project of 101 encaustic panels using these images. I am also using these images as a basis for drawings and for a project of sequenced images based on the movie Paris, TX.